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700 years into the future!

The planet is a garbage dump. The future is reduced to ruins. The surviving humans have been cruising the skies on a spaceship for the past 700 years. A tiny robot, WALL-E, speeds up around the earth compacting trash into piles as tall as skyscrapers! Ignorance led consumerist humans to such chaos. Is there a chance for love?

Kutiman – YouTube mixer

This project consists of seven music tracks/videos that were made exclusively from video material found on YouTube. Kutiman, an Israeli musician and producer, spent 3 months in his bedroom meshing and cutting over one hundred videos for samples of singers and instruments—from guitars, pianos, drums and harps, to synthesizers, a bouzouki and even a cash register. Here are the resulting seven tracks:

The man who can’t be moved

Stand up Take action

The Ocean can get sick of everything!

Debatepedia – a memorable wiki

I am so tired of the same old opinion makers!

DEBATEPEDIA is fresh enough to be worth a visit.

Try it yourself and argue on your favourite topic!


Unless I step into something significant this will the last post this school year. I have already linked this extraordinary site, the best I’ve ever seen so far and I’ve seen lots of them!

The link to the site was a bit hidden, it’s time to give it some credit!

At the same time it’ll give us the opportunity to reflect about the things that really matter in life.

This year I’ve surfed through pages and pages, but none could be compared to it. 

 This is the winner for the BEST SITE AWARD 20062007 .