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Merry Christmas!

The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament   photographed in so many angles. Postcards can’t tell how magnificent they are. Photographs can.

What does claude lelouch have to do with snow patrol? The answer …

  • The film was shot in a single take, without any special effects or stuntmen, with the director driving the car.
  • The idea for this film came to Claude Lelouch after hiring a gyro stabilized camera mount for a film he was working on at the time.
  • The film is nine minutes long because the film cartridge in the camera could only hold 10 minutes of film and it was taken in a single shot.
  • Until recently, there was no confirmation of who was driving or what car he was driving. Over the years, various sources claimed an F1 driver was at the wheel of a Le Mans Matra 675, Ferrari 275 GTB, or an Alpine A110. However, Claude Lelouch confirmed on his official website in March 2006 that he was driving, and it was a 6.9 litre Mercedes.
  • Lelouch was arrested shortly after the film was screened but was later released without charge.
  • The route taken in the film is 10.42 km long (6.48 mi). It takes the driver 7:57 to cover that distance, giving him an average speed of 78.64 km/h (48.86 mph).
  • According to recent claims by Claude Lelouch, he was driving his own Mercedes in the film, and later dubbed over the sound of a Ferrari 275GTB to give the impression of much higher speeds. Calculations made by several independent groups using the film show that the car never exceeds 140 km/h (85 mph), which seems to lend credence to his recent comments.
  • Three people were in the car, with Claude Lelouch at the wheel.
  • Resulting in a notable contrast of moods, the original release of this film in the U.S. was as a short showing before Woody Allen‘s Interiors (1978).
  • This footage is now being used as the music video for Snow Patrol’s latest single “Open Your Eyes”. (March 2007)

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge , named after its two impressive towers, is one of London’s best known landmarks. This Victorian Bridge is now more than 100 years old. Designed by Wolfe Barry and Horace Jones, and completed in 1894, the middle of the bridge can be raised to permit large vessels to pass the Tower Bridge. It used to be raised about 50 times a day, but nowadays it is only raised 4 to 5 times a week.

The bridge is 60 meter long and its towers rise to a height of 43 meter. From the top of the towers, you have a great view on the center of London. You can also visit the inside of the tower, where you can observe the original mechanism used to raise the bridge.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – fantastic photo

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I’m trying to post this photo in my blog. I’m not sure that is going to happen …
It really did ! Many thanks to cuellar for being there at the right time and for sharing this photo!

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral was built between 1675 and 1710 and is the creation of Sir Christopher Wren. Its iconic dome dominates the London skyline and visitors with a head for heights can climb 530 steps (85 metres) from the cathedral floor to the Golden Gallery for breathtaking, panoramic views of the capital. The Whispering Gallery, famous for its acoustics, is 30 metres above the cathedral floor while below, in the elegant and spacious crypt, are the tombs and memorials of such historic figures as Admiral Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.