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700 years into the future!

The planet is a garbage dump. The future is reduced to ruins. The surviving humans have been cruising the skies on a spaceship for the past 700 years. A tiny robot, WALL-E, speeds up around the earth compacting trash into piles as tall as skyscrapers! Ignorance led consumerist humans to such chaos. Is there a chance for love?

Kutiman – YouTube mixer

This project consists of seven music tracks/videos that were made exclusively from video material found on YouTube. Kutiman, an Israeli musician and producer, spent 3 months in his bedroom meshing and cutting over one hundred videos for samples of singers and instruments—from guitars, pianos, drums and harps, to synthesizers, a bouzouki and even a cash register. Here are the resulting seven tracks:

In technology we trust! The Mactini!

Teenagers have  high expectations about what technology might bring over the next decade,

Teens also think new inventions — over a time frame, not necessarily by 2020 — can solve serious global problems such as unclean water, hunger, disease and pollution.

How far can technology go? Watch this funny video about the limits of technology!