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Grammar exercises – test

I believe these exercises can help you for your test.  Practise them all!

Present Perfect –  affirmative negative interrogative

Past Simple – regular verbs irregular verbs 1 irregular verbs 2 negative interrogative

Present Perfect Continuous – affirmative negative interrogative

If clauses – type I type I

If clauses –  type II type II

Passive Voice –  present/past future

Present Continuous + form and use + exercises

We use the Present Continuous to talk about activities happening now.

   The boys are watching TV.
   I am sitting down, because I am exhausted.
   I’m not learning English, because this is a Portuguese class.
   What are you doing?

We can also use the Present Continuous Tense to talk about activities happening around now, and not necessarily this very moment.

   Peter is studying really hard for his exams this week.
   I am reading a really interesting book now. 
   We aren’t working hard these days.

The Present Continuous Tense is also used to talk about activities happening in the near future, especially for planned future events.

   I am seeing my dentist on Monday. 
   Mary is coming for dinner tomorrow.
   Are you doing anything tonight?
   We aren’t going on holiday next week.

Exercises: ONE   TWO   THREE   FOUR

Present Simple or Simple Present?

You have got no alternative! You have to learn one of them or both!


I usually have breakfast at seven. – repeated action

Breakfast is a very important meal. – fact

Acknowledgements : Photo provided by evansent via Flickr