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700 years into the future!

The planet is a garbage dump. The future is reduced to ruins. The surviving humans have been cruising the skies on a spaceship for the past 700 years. A tiny robot, WALL-E, speeds up around the earth compacting trash into piles as tall as skyscrapers! Ignorance led consumerist humans to such chaos. Is there a chance for love?

The origami of speakers

OrigAudio is an eco-friendly, foldable, self powered speaker. Use them for travel, the beach, your office, camping, dorm life and everywhere else!

In technology we trust! The Mactini!

Teenagers have  high expectations about what technology might bring over the next decade,

Teens also think new inventions — over a time frame, not necessarily by 2020 — can solve serious global problems such as unclean water, hunger, disease and pollution.

How far can technology go? Watch this funny video about the limits of technology!